Breaking the cycle of poverty in Lao PDR through organic farming education

by | May 2, 2018 | news

Bolaven means “the home of the Laven people,” and the Laven who work at Lao PDR’s Bolaven Farms Limited are producing world-class organic coffees. With a focus on education and output quality, this startup is empowering farmers through a resident organic farming program. 

The resident program is two years long and designed to break the cycle of poverty one family at a time. It provides paid employment with room, board, organic farming training, and medical coverage. Upon graduation, farmers qualify for loans to establish seven-acre farms or work as contractors. This system equips the poor with real jobs, not aid or subsidies.  

Bolaven Farms is committed to quality. They view soil as a resource, that when taken care of, will increase yields and quality. The startup also manages nitrogen-enriching plants, grass-fed livestock, and composting. These combined systems preserve and respect the soil ecosystems in the Bolaven Plateau.  

MATCh will continue to support this startup to expand their operations.  MATCh is a program of the Mekong Business Initiative, a private sector development partnership of the Asian Development Bank and the Government of Australia that equips entrepreneurs to scale and thrive.