MATCh Finalist’s Agritech Solution

MATCh supports startups in agriculture to develop products, network and learn from industry players, showcase their solutions, and access markets and funding. It is aimed at agritech and traditional agriculture businesses with innovative and scalable solutions for Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, and Viet Nam. The Challenge has tracks for businesses from inside and outside the Greater Mekong Subregion. MATCh will be powered by the MATCh Alliance, consisting of key regional and local players in the agribusiness innovation ecosystem.



1st Prize: Cricket One

Country: Viet Nam

Cricket One produces the most sustainable and affordable protein from crickets by developing technology and method to farm crickets intensively and vertically inside modularized shipping containers on agricultural by-products.

Read more about Cricket One here!

2nd Prize: KIU Global

Country: Myanmar

KIU Myanmar develop a B2B market that has integrated ERP with data analytics for SME financing. KIU Myanmar offer online platform offering SMEs end-to-end services to access credit and markets

3rd Prize: TunYat

Country: Myanmar

TunYat – Rental machinery platforms connecting wealthy farmers (who already own machines) to smallholder farmers (who are looking to rent machines), for rental of combine harvesters, which is a higher need for farmers in their supply chain model.


1st Prize: AgUnity

Country: Australia

AgUnity – Blockchain platform to enable farmers to record all transactions between each other and their co- operatives, and to plan better, buy and sell together and cooperate to share resources.

2nd Prize: Verifik8

Country: Thailand

Verifik8 is a software platform that connects producers and buyers to de-risk operations and improve compliance in the food supply chain, to improve social and environmental performance in the agrifood supply chain

3rd Prize: Enzootic

Country: Israel – Hongkong

Enzootic’s cell transplantation technology enables the production of all-female populations via the production of unique ‘super females’, each super female has the capacity to produce 100,000-1,000,000 all-female shrimp during its reproductive phase


Agri-Gel Nano Applied Tech

Country: Viet Nam

Agri-Gel Nano – The nano-gel is a combination of a blend of natural polymers such as cellulose, starch, chitosan…. to create a special polymeric structure capable of storing and dispensing active nanoparticles for plants. The nanoparticles can be fertilizers, can kill bacteria, fungi, viruses to protect plants, and replace toxic chemicals. product that has been registered exclusively as their own IPR.

Bolaven Farms

Country: Lao PDR

Bolaven Farms – Run entire value chain of Specialty Arabica and Fine Robusta, inventor and owner of the patented “Proceso Puro – Zero Waste Coffee Cherry Processing Systems”.


Country: Viet Nam

Demeter is a IOT platform that were built successfully by Demeter and Intel for 2 years. It includes big data and Crowd funding Platform to collect data from manufacturers and the market aimed at informing users transparently and objectively of the products.

Dai Thanh Bassage

Country: Viet Nam

Dai Thanh Bagasse – Their product is a combination of beneficial microorganisms for shrimps and bagasse to promote both the use of pond culture and disease prevention for shrimp healthobjectively of the products.

Farm Tech Dryer Franchises

Country: Myanmar

Farm Tech Dryer Franchise – Village level bulk drying service and drying machine micro-franchises (applied for drying rice, corn, soybean)


Country: Myanmar

Greenovator produce A17:G30 Way Free Agri Mobile app for farmers which is sharing the daily crop market price and review, weather forecasting, farming practices techniques, and linkage with experts for customized questions and answers.


Country: Viet Nam

Padco – SUMITRI is a micro-organism to turn rice straw and root into fertilizer on the field without having to do any pre-treatment. SUMITRI enables farmers to save labor, a minimum of 30% of chemical fertilizers, use 80% less of pesticide, and increase output by at least 15%. SUMITRI is the alternative to the current practice of burning straw that increases traffic accidents, pollution and hazardous gases.

Kherme Organic

Country: Cambodia

Kherme Organic – Their business model is an Eco-Business Innovation focusing on serving consumers that appreciate organic food in Cambodia. Super markets, hotels and restaurants are our clients by supplying certified organic products including fresh vegetables and fruits. We grow our produces and buys from farmers at high, fair prices.

New Idea Enterprise

Country: Cambodia

New Idea Enterprise is the only one enterprise in Cambodia that can produce banana sugar (unique product), Banana candy, Coconut candy and dry banana. This unique knowledge and know how techniques. Banana sugar has considered as the safest sugar compared to palm sugar and sugar cane.

Fluence corporation - Nirobox

Country: Israel

Nirobox – Fast to deploy water and wastewater treatment solution Nirobox provides advanced treatment technologies in affordable and compact packages, offering the industry’s smallest overall footprint, which makes the units an essential role in potable water, sanitation, agriculture, and industrial processes.

GoodHout BV

Country: The Nertherland

GoodHout is improving the world, one coconut at a time. Applying fair chain principles to transform coconut husk waste into a high quality coconut husk board (CHB), which is naturally flame retardant, has high moisture resistance and is free of added binders (glues). Targeting decorative and building materials markets in the US and EU in line with their move towards bio-based, eco-friendly and circular products.


Country: China

GAGO’s intelligent agriculture solution is a cloud-based platform, enabling real-time monitoring and smarter decision-making by leveraging visualized agronomic data.


Country: Taiwan

Gintel – Cloud intelligent water quality monitoring system provides more functions which no similar competitors are shown in current market: real time monitor, real-time improvement on bad water conditions, no internet needed, instrument calibration in cloud server instead of manual calibration, data recorded automatically in data base for analysis, and high data accuracy.

Intello Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Country: India

Intello Labs Pvt. Ltd. – The solution leverages advanced analytics tools and techniques (deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI)), so basis the images captured by farmers, we tell then grades of their produce, empower the farmer to demand fair price for their produce.

Pycno Industries

Country: Australia

Pycno Industries – Pycno designs and manufactures technology for agriculture that helps farmers and agronomists grow food more efficiently by providing them with real time information of the condition of their crops in remote locations. This allows users to reduce the use of water, electricity from pumping water, fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides while reducing risks such as pests or plant stress and increasing the quality and quantity of their harvests

Smart Farm Co. Ltd.

Country: Thailand

Smart Farm Co. Ltd. – SmartFarm develops the Internet of Things sensor products targeted at agricultural applications, thus allowing farmers to monitor their farms on-line and in real time.

Rynan Technologies

Country: Viet Nam

Rynan Technologies have been doing R&D, manufacturing and testing smart input materials, innovative solutions and IOT devices for realizing climate smart agriculture, especially in building the “Climate smart rice value chain”.

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