Transforming Vietnamese Agriculture

Transforming Vietnamese Agriculture



The World Bank

Publication Date: 2016

Executive Summary

Over the past few decades, Vietnam’s farmers have successfully fed the nation, helped expand trade and have provided a reliable supply of labor and raw materials to industry. The entire agriculture sector has had a key role to play in poverty reduction and social stability.

But demographic, economic, climatic and other changes are now altering the playing field for the sector, which must adjust to face emerging challenges and opportunities. As highlighted in the government’s 2014 Agricultural Restructuring Plan, there is a need to modify the sector’s strategic orientation, strengthen key institutions, and adjust the roles and support instruments used by government.

This Vietnam Development Report elaborates on these themes, advocating for a strategy to achieve “more from less” (i.e. greater farmer, consumer and societal welfare using less resources and having a lower environmental footprint). This can be done through a structural change in which the government “leads less and facilitates more”, particularly in relation to farmer and private sector investment, productivity and market development.

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