This section aims to showcase some “solutions” that MATCh have received so far as well as corporate or sectoral challenges that needs solutions. The open innovation aims to enable technology suppliers, potential customers and investors to know each other and connect. It does not necessarily mean that solutions posted here will be selected for the next round nor be the winners of MATCh. If any company or organizations would like to submit a corporate challenge please send it to


Smart Rice Value Chain Solution

Smart Rice Value Chain Solution aims to empower farmers through smart materials and IOT devices for realizing climate Smart Agriculture. The company conduct R&D, production & sale of smart Fertilizers, eco-pesticides, smart water monitoring buoys, smart alternate wetting & drying, irrigation systems. It is currently on the market and has been tested in Tra Vinh Province in Mekong Delta in Vietnam. The solutions can be applied to other crops as well. For more information, please visit


Farmtech provides bulk drying micro-franchises for villages in Myanmar to enable small farmers to access drying facilities at reasonable cost to enhance the quality of their harvests and hence their incomes. The franchise offers simple yet effective drying technology and equipment and help the franchisees operate the businesses and serve the local community profitably. For more information, please visit

ICT International, Australia

ICT International, Australia provides application for measuring and analyze quality of water mekong delta and monitoring of soil salinity to warning, help the farmer solve problem watering crops. For more information, please visit

Tera Fertilizer

Tera Fertilizer blends silk-worm manure and straw dust with a special formula to create a superior quality fertilizer that has residues of chemicals, weight gainers , antibiotics and pest extermination by natural means (caterpillar afraid of silkworm’s manure) with very rich in nutrients. The target market for the product is indoor farms. For more information please visit


FARMBOX for indoor hydroponic is a complete hydroponic growing system built entirely inside a shipping container with all the components needed for commercial food production. FARMBOX offers a open farm management platform on both Android and IOS. For more information, please go to, and


Agrotech provides agriculture innovative products such as Solar and Wind hybrid irrigation system, Drip irrigation system, Hydroponics systems, Solar operated micro cold storage  organic and bio fertilizers and Green houses etc. Our products are green energy based and cost effective with high produce production. Farmers will get confirmed produces using our products. For more information, please contact MATCh.


Agricheck provides a total solution to traceability and authenticity. It is an integrated management information system which combines logistics, sale, inventory, wholesale and retail management with powerful tracking and tracing functions. The system is built on smart mathematics that can be tailored to different needs easily. A key feature is that it can be integrated with global logistics intelli-Parcel system where delivery rates are optimized for global delivery. For more information please visit

Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest aims to enable farmers to time their harvests to ensure quality, quantity, good prices, reduce cost, and optimize transportation and plant operations using artificial intelligence and optimization software. It has been developed in partnership with a sugar plant and the technology can be adapted to other type of food plants that obtain input from multiple farmers. For more information, please visit


CITAA and DIL proposes Innovation Food Processing and Preservation Technologies which are market oriented and environment saving including (i) Extraction technologies of flavor, color, oil from fruits, plants for the application in foods application and in food supplements development. (ii) Non destructive technology in fruits and vegetables decontamination (iii) High pressure in Food preservation application (iv) Pulse electric field application in fruit juice processing (v) Vacuum Frying; and (vi) Membrance Technologies in fruit juice processing. These technologies have been tested and proven in EU, US, Asia and Africa. For more information, please visit and


Verifik8 connects producers and buyers to de-risk operations and build trust across their supply chain that enable to reduce cost and build trust in the value chain. This is one of series of  integrated sustainability and compliance solutions for agri-businesses in South East Asia provided by FairAgora. For more information please visit and


Sero monitors farm operations and food quality compliance by providing crop intelligence through digital record keeping and data analytics. We support growers comply to VietGAP/GlobalGAP standards, reduce chemical inputs and remote disease management. Sero offer comprehensive Farm Data Management software and app,  Disease recognition via computer vision, inventory management system to track chemical inputs and origin. For further information please visit


Agritech company with a solution that could be adapted to the Mekong Region

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